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We currently breed 6 color and/or pattern mutations of the India Blue Peafowl
(Pavo Cristatus).
These birds are commonly, and mistakenly,  referred to as peacocks. The term
peacock applies only to the male bird. The females are peahens and the offspring are peachicks. A group of peafowl is called a party.
We breed 3 pattern mutations, barred wing(dominant or wild type), black shoulder, and silver pied.
We have  a Bronze white eyed male, a pair of spaldings split to (carrying) Buford bronze, and a Spalding Opal male, among others.
There are approximately 185 color, pattern, and hybrid combinations recognized by the
We have a
White peacock and White peahen. These are NOT albino birds, as they are very often, mistakenly, referred to.  Click on the above links and pay close attention to the eyes of the birds. You will notice that they are blue, not pink as you would see in an albino.
We also have Guinea fowl available, preorder only
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Last updated:
July 24, 2013
Member of the United Peafowl Assoc.
Lawrence's White Male
D, J, & L Exotic Acres
The Breeds page has pictures of the adult birds. The Our Birds page has pictures of the various birds on our farm to include different aged chicks.
Click here to view a National Geographic Indian peafowl video clip
Joseph's Silver Pied Male, hen is on the door
Our Original Main Pen
Front view of our new coop
Our New Flight Pen
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